Top Tips – How to Care for Your Parents


It’s a blessing to finally be able to return the love and care our parents showed us when we were growing up. You may feel it’s too soon to think about this, but sooner or later, your parents will start to age and need help. From relying on you for transportation to grocery shopping and even help with bathing, there will be a time when they need assistance with activities of daily living.

Here are some tips on providing the best care for your ageing parents.

Keep Communication Lines Open:

Most ageing parents have a common complaint – their children don’t communicate with them enough. It is why most of us stay in the dark regarding our parent’s health and well-being. An open line of communication is vital to providing the best care for your parents. Schedule regular phone calls or visits to catch up and see how they’re doing. If you live far away, consider video calls as an alternative to stay connected.

You must know about their diagnosis if they’re seeing a doctor. Understand their medication schedule and what side effects to monitor.

Make Their Home Safe and Comfortable:

Climbing stairs or taking a shower can become dangerous for ageing parents. So, it’s essential to make changes around their home to ensure their safety. If they live in a two-story home, see if they’re open to the idea of moving to a single-story residence. If not, look into installing a stair lift or grab bars in the bathroom.

Other modifications you can make to their home include:

  • Widening doorways and hallways
  • Adding handrails on both sides of staircases
  • Installing nightlights in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways
  • Installing a nurse call system

Help Them with Their Finances:

As your parents become older, it’s essential to review their finances with them and ensure everything is up to date. It includes their will, life insurance policy, medical directive, and power of attorney.

You should also help them review their retirement accounts and social security benefits to ensure they’re on track.

In addition to knowing about their finances, you should help them stay on top of their bills. It may include setting up automatic payments or reviewing their bills with them each month.

Stay Involved in Their Activities:

Isolation eats away at a person’s mental and physical health, so it’s crucial to ensure your parent stays connected to their community. Attend their doctor’s appointments with them, go for walks together, or sign them up for a seniors’ social club.

You can also look into hiring in-home care services. These caregivers can provide companionship, help with errands, and offer light housekeeping services.

Remember, your parents still want to feel independent, and by involving them in their care, you can help them retain their sense of self.


Here, at Arquella we aim to help those that need care and those that give care, which is why we wrote this piece as it will hopefully help people who are facing this transition. We never really know how long our parents will be with us. So, it’s important to cherish our time with them and show them how much we care. These tips will help you do that while providing the best care.

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