The majority of people are impacted by cavities at some point of time in their lives. When one thinks of cavities, the mind instantly goes towards fillings. Often there is a misconception that when the filling is done, it shines out separately and is evident to the naked eye. If that is something that you have been worried about, you should consider White fillings in Woodford. With the advancement in technology, the fillings have also reached the point where they can’t be distinguished from their surrounding teeth. Whenever we are about to undergo any sort of treatment, it is best to have an in-depth understanding of the same. We are here to tell you about these fillings.

What is a white filling?

A major advantage of white tooth filling is that it can’t be distinguished from the remaining teeth. This filling is made out of a composite resin material. During the treatment, it is bonded directly onto the teeth. Another great thing about this filling is that it needs less of a natural tooth to be removed when compared to a traditional filling. The white tooth filling is more stronger and reliable as well. The colour of the filling is very carefully matched to the surrounding teeth. This allows it to look more natural. White filling is usually used as an alternative to the silver amalgam material.

What are the other options available?

If you don’t want to opt for a white filling, you can always opt for a traditional filling. Your dentist will walk you through the options available to you. Traditional and white fillings both fill the cavities. They also repair cracked and weakened teeth.

Why should you maintain oral hygiene?

There are various reasons why cavities form and teeth become weakened. All of this can be avoided by maintaining good oral hygiene. Often, we underestimate how important it is for our overall health as well. Cavities begin to form when there is a build-up inside the mouth. You must brush your teeth and floss. Ensuring that there are no food particles left. Apart from that, undergoing comprehensive dental checkups are also essential. They help to catch any dental concerns before they go out of hand. The dentist will also carry out dental procedures that will enable you to maintain good oral health.

What happens when cavities are formed?

When you begin to feel there are cavities in your teeth, you should go to your dentist immediately. They will carry out a checkup and analyse the situation of the teeth. Based on that, the dentist will design the treatment plan for you. After that, they will walk you through the treatment plan. They will explain to you the steps they will take and what you need to take to obtain optimal oral health again. You can ask them about the white fillings and discuss your concerns about the same. If you have any questions about it, it is always best to ask the dentist.

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